James Barnett

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Hello! I'm a software engineer based in London. I primarily work with web back-ends, but have experience with many different languages and technologies.

Some of my projects are listed below.
Javascript Node Chart JS
A realtime energy monitoring dashboard for TP-Link smart plugs
Go Network analysis
Slowpoke is a TCP proxy which can introduce configurable latency between packet delivery
Go Image processing Art
Distill artwork into its primitive elements using Go and image processing
Kotlin JS WebGL
Procedural terrain generation in Kotlin and WebGL
Kotlin Emulation
A work in progress Game Boy emulator written in Kotlin
Javascript Electron SQL
A cross-platform SQL editor
Play Framweork Java
A lightweight, minimal, readonly Reddit client, designed for mobile devices or slow connections
C Operating System Kernel
A 32-bit operating system build from scratch. A work in progress.
Simple GUI tool to control the front panel LED ring on newer Intel NUCs such as the NUC7i and the NUC6CAYS series