James Barnett

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Hello! I'm a software engineer based in London. I primarily work with web back-ends, but have experience with many different languages and technologies.

Some of my projects are listed below.
Raytracing TypeScript Software rendering
A minimal raytracer written from scratch in TypeScript
Javascript Node Chart JS
A realtime energy monitoring dashboard for TP-Link smart plugs
Go Network analysis
Slowpoke is a TCP proxy which can introduce configurable latency between packet delivery
Kotlin JS Software rendering
A simple raycasting engine written from scratch in Kotlin
Go Image processing Art
Distill artwork into its primitive elements using Go and image processing
Javascript Electron SQL
A cross-platform SQL editor
Kotlin Emulation
A work in progress Game Boy emulator written in Kotlin
Kotlin JS WebGL
Procedural terrain generation in Kotlin and WebGL
Play Framweork Java
A lightweight, minimal, readonly Reddit client, designed for mobile devices or slow connections
C Operating System Kernel
A 32-bit operating system build from scratch. A work in progress.
Simple GUI tool to control the front panel LED ring on newer Intel NUCs such as the NUC7i and the NUC6CAYS series